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Hi. I am Lisa, an Intuitive Life Coach.

Lisa Egan, Intuitive Life Coach

I help empower intuitive, empathic, sensitive people to trust and follow your own inner wisdom and to let go of old stories, beliefs, and negative thoughts that no longer serve you.

Do you feel that something isn’t working and you’re stuck from moving forward?

Are you are going through significant life changes, which are causing you to re-evaluate your beliefs and life experiences?

Do you often feel alone and desire to find peace and joy within?

Do you feel more present and becoming more aware of your feelings, thoughts, loves and fears?

Do you have a strong sense of knowing that there is something more to life?

Are you on a journey of spiritual awakening and need guidance navigating this journey?

Are you searching for your life’s purpose?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, I am here to offer skilled coaching support and spiritual guidance on your journey.

You don’t have to walk this path alone.


To guide you on your journey of remembering who you truly are – an infinite soul of love and light.

About Lisa

Lisa Egan, Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Guide with Transcend Coaching and Healing Guidance

After my spiritual awakening, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and I began to do what I was truly meant to do on this earth – help people.

As a light worker with strong psychic gifts of claircognizance (psychic knowing) and clairsentience (psychic feeling, or sensing other people’s emotions and energy), I am devoted to being an Intuitive Life Coach.

I offer clear, compassionate coaching and guidance to intuitive, empathic, sensitive souls. I have a great love for empowering you to open your consciousness and find the light within so you can let go of old habits and fears and find a new source of inner joy and fulfilment.

In addition to my intuitive gifts, I am certified as a Life Coach by the Certified Life Coach Institute and received additional Spiritual Coaching from Udemy. I am also certified in Reiki. Reiki is a sacred energy healing treatment that triggers self-healing in the body and removes blockages that prevent energy flow.

Prior to my spiritual awakening, I had a 25-year career in Communications, which included coaching and mentoring individuals and teams. This has provided a strong foundation for my calling as a Intuitive Life Coach.

To schedule an appointment with me, please send an email to or use the form below.

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Follow your soul. It knows the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your coaching sessions?

I offer a free 30 minute introductory consultation on the computer through Zoom or phone call. This way we can get to know each other and you can get a better idea of the coaching services I offer. This is perfect opportunity to get a feel for whether I am the right fit for you as your coach and to ask any questions you may have.

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Lisa is offering a special promotion for a limited time – buy one session for $150, get one session FREE.



Individual Sessions and Packages

∞ Individual one-hour session – $150 *For a limited time, buy one/get one free -$150
∞ Package of 4 one-hour sessions – $525 (a savings of $75)
∞ Package of 8 one-hour sessions – $1,050 (a savings of $150)

Remember, this will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself!



Would you like a…

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal (worldwide) or Interac e-transfers (Canada only).

How long does it take before I begin to benefit from the coaching sessions, and how many will I need?

People seek life coaching for different reasons. Sometimes people seek shorter-term life coaching because they have specific concerns they want to resolve while other people seek longer-term life coaching. In terms of how long it takes, it is different for everyone.

At the start of life coaching, it is helpful to meet weekly so you can see how you are making progress week over week. Once you are making steady progress, you and your life coach may arrange to meet every other week, or every two to three weeks so you have more time between sessions to work on your goals.

When the time is right, you and your life coach will know that your work together is done and you will be able to continue on your journey towards success.

What if I don’t live in your area? How are the coaching sessions held?

The coaching sessions are held on the computer, through Zoom, or over the phone. During a session, it is important for clients to feel more comfortable in their own private space where they are free to express themselves. It’s not necessary to have an in-person coaching session to achieve wonderful results.

Difference Between Therapy and Life Coaching

What is Therapy?

Therapy, also called counseling or psychotherapy, is a long-term process in which clients work with a healthcare professional to diagnose and resolve problematic beliefs, behaviors, relationship issues, and feelings. Therapists often focus on past traumas and issues to change self-destructive behaviors, increase happiness and overcome problems.

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is like a supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one. Life coaches are not healthcare professionals. He/she takes each client’s current starting point as an acceptable neutral ground and helps them to maximize their full potential and reach their desired results.

A life coach completes extensive training that teaches him/her how to ask the right questions, communicate effectively and get to the heart of a client’s needs and desires in life. While coaching sessions are facilitated by a trained professional, life coaches put the control squarely in the hands of the client. Life coaching is designed to empower individuals to find their own answers within themselves.


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